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ABEE'S INC. dba Sports Navigator Hawaii

2222 Kalakaua Avenue,Suite702, Honolulu, HI 96815


Eiichi Abe

Full-time 6 people, part-time 10 people

August 2005


1. Marketing Research & Planning
2. Sports Marketing / Media
3. Event Planning and Management 
4. Filming/Photo Shooting Coordination

Related companies

dba Pacific Sport Events & Timing

We have a capital tie-up with Hawaii's largest time measurement company and are engaged in the measurement business of the races and competitions held in Hawaii, including the Honolulu Marathon.

Finish Line Productions,Inc.

We have a capital tie-up with a company that makes online reservations for races, competitions, and events, and we are doing entry business in both English and Japanese.


We carry out inbound marketing and PR for sports events in Japan. As the Japanese branch of Sponavi Hawaii, I also operate the Japanese secretariat such as Maui Marathon.


As a marketing company in Hawaii, we aim to convey the wonders of Hawaii to the world, revitalize Hawaii and the region, and promote international mutual understanding. Also, by specializing in sports marketing, we will promote a healthy and happy lifestyle to people around the world through sports.


Our mission is to bring satisfaction and happiness to all visitors to Hawaii, the Hawaii community, and our clients all over the world. Our philosophy is as follows.

Corporate philosophy(Abees・philosophy)

This Abees philosophy is an action guideline for all employees of Abees to further develop the company and contribute not only to customers but also to the development of local communities. At the same time, as a standard of thinking for all employees to have a wonderful life, everyone must know and practice.

Company motto: Enjoy life and live a rich life. And we will always strive and grow with people who are widely involved so that we can share our wealth.

1. -Customer first-
Our mission is to stick to the customer-first principle and give customers satisfaction and excitement.

2. -Sincerely-
We are polite to everyone, not to mention our customers, and always treat us with sincerity and attitude.

3. -Thanks you-
We will always be grateful, do our best for our customers and colleagues, and build mutual trust.

4. -Honest mind-
Always cheerful, open-minded, humble and open-minded, to treat people and listen to them.

5. -Effort-
Always have a positive feeling. With an effort that is second to none, you can open your own way.

6. -Frontier spirit-
I always have a challenging spirit and strong feelings, and do not give up until I succeed.

7. -Innovative-
Always think. In addition, we reflect daily and constantly strive to improve and improve, do creative work, and pursue unlimited possibilities.

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