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Supporting your Strategy in Hawaii

Feature your brand through our strong media network and reach the right customer base through selective advertising.

1. Planning


How can I expand my business to Hawaii?

We support businesses that are looking to enter the Hawaiian market by localizing their brand and match the company’s strategy to customer preferences.

  • Japan Airlines

  • JCB Credit Card

  • NTT Docomo Mobile

2. Products and Goods

How can I promote my products in Hawaii?

Hawaii attracts not only Japanese tourists, but also many visitors from mainland USA and around the world. It offers brands an opportunity to introduce their products to a wide selection of consumers. With our expertise we help businesses promote their products and goods and implement a marketing strategy tailor-made to the local market.

  • Under Armour Honolulu Marathon Expo 2014 Sales Booth

  • Adidas Japan Honolulu Marathon Expo 2011-2013 Sales Booth

  • Global Beverage Company

  • SPA-related companies


3. Media/Internet


How can I get the latest info on Hawaiian Lifestyle issues

We provide up-to-date sport related content to the official website of the Japanese Hawaii Tourism Authority, We also have a weekly column on and, two other major Japanese websites focusing on Hawaiian Lifestyle.

  • (run by the Hawaii Tourism Authority) 



Planning & Research

Building on years of experience in the Tourism Industry we provide planning and research support on Hawaii related content.


With Sports Navigator Hawaii, we focus on Sports Marketing and Sports Event Management covering events, such as Marathons, Trail Runs, Cycling Tours, Swimming, Golf, Surfing, Diving, Kid Sport Camps, College Sports etc.


Hula, Quilt, Lei-Making, Crafting, Hawaiian Music are jargons you hear often in Hawaiian culture. We specialize in bringing Hawaiian culture closer to the tourist coming from far away through cultural events, such as Hula Festivals and workshops.

  • HULA Festival, Hula Hoorauna Aloha 

  • Cultural Workshops

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